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2 days SEO Training course (15 hrs)


2 days course is popular among corporate and working professionals.
In this 2 days SEO course we will cover all basic aspects of SEO training. We also give short pratical section and explain tcore concept behind. Advantage of this course is short time, less amount, fast knowledge. Disadvantage of this course is less pratical knowledge, less indepth knowledge and less interaction. Click below to know more




What is SEO

Understanding SEO Terms

What is search Engine
What is crawler
What is robot
What is indexing
What is search querry
What is snippet
What is domain
What is ftp
What is hosting
What is ODP
What is analytics
What is meta tags
What is 301 redirectory
What is root directory
What is sub domain
What is sitemap
What is static and dynamic URL
What is 404 page errorv
What is navigation
What is keyword
Mastering Onpage Optimization
On page Optimization in layman's term
Title tag - importance - best practice
Description tag- importance - best practice
Meta tag- importance - best practice
URL and its structure- importance - best practice
Anchor tag- importance - best practice
Content- importance - best practice
Headings- importance - best practice
Image Optimization- importance - best practice
Sitemap for users and robots- importance - best practice
Broken Links- side effects - best practice
Internal linking
Add subdomains

Whitehat SEO

Blackhat SEO and how to avoid it
Why google penalize a website
Keyword stuffing
Stop words
Word Stemming
How to avoid Black hat SEO
DoorWay Pages
Splash Pages
Mastering Off Page optimization
Off Page optimization in layman's Term
Submit websites to search engines
Submit webpages to directories
Difference between directories and search engines

Link Building

link Anatomy
Google Bomb
Perfect and problem links
Social links
Do follow and no follow links
Reciprocal links
link quality and quantity


Performance Overview
Location Overview
Traffic Source
Keyword monitoring and more...
Useful SEO Tools
We cover 10 very important SEO tools.